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Search Criminal Court, Department of Corrections, Sex Offenders, Active Arrest Warrants and Logs. Covers the entire USA!

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Easily conduct your investigations with our special detectives panel complete with reverse lookups and unlimited database searches.

Developers API

Use our data in your own applications in either XML, JSON or CSV formats. Our easy copy/paste code and live support make this a great option for beginners.

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Easy Pre-Built Copy/Paste Search Forms and PHP Scripts makes learing easy!

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Take advantage of our massive collection of criminal records and offenders with a Developers API Key. Our system is ideal for start ups and beginners that need offender data at a budget cost.

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Get your results in either XML, JSON, CSV or TXT format. Also includes easy copy/paste code to help get you started.

Developers Panel

The Developers API Panel allows you to quickly generate a API key, view usage and more!