Offender API

The Complete Criminal Checks Offender API is a free service with premium upgrade options available for higher volume lookups.
All accounts are issued 25 Calls Per Day free with limited results. Data must NOT be used for child care services or as a replacement for certified background checks which must be performed and researched by a professional agent or your local state police. Records and data will vary from state to state, not all will provide the same paramaters or image results.

Name Search - Vehicle and Tag Search - Radius Search - AKA Search

Here you can create and reissue your api key.


The API call URL is where you will send the request and provide the search name, type, format, etc. as url paramaters


Basic HTML Search Form
The first step is to add a custom search form to your website.


PHP SimpleXML Parser
Easy method to pull data from XML Files learn more about simple_load_file()

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