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Complete Criminal Checks is a free ciminal offender search engine. Search current and historical sex offenders, department of corrections, criminal court and public data. All searches are 100% free, upgrades are available for higher volume and ad free searches.

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Frequently asked question

Absolutely - 100% Free / Membership Not Required! We do insert various types of ads and 3rd party links on public data results pages. Complete Criminal Checks also offers a free public dataset API with 25 calls per day which is ad free and open to use in your application or project. We offer upgraded packages for more daily calls, ad free searches and more results.

we verify all records for accuracy and use experts to gather and publish the data. We have yet to find any inaccurate information with the exception of a few minor typos or data that was invalid at time of capture. For example, some states may only provide the subjects age at the time of record capture, which would naturally be incorrect after the first year so we would estimate the DOB (would be noted with est. before the year).
If you do feel a record is incorrect, please Open Support Ticket and provide the URL of the record in question.

If the offender record expired and is no longer on the state registry, that does not make the record invalid. Much like a news paper, we are a archive service and spealize in current and historic records.

Data comes directly from Government resources, APIs and public data. We have a list of the data updated in realtime here

You absolutly should NOT depend on these results for senstive areas like child care! Always use the Department of Justice Official Nationwide Sex Offender Search to verify SOR status. Not all sex offenders are on the registry for life, many can be removed after a period of time which was determined by the judge and depending on the state/county laws. We have both current and historic offender data, just because an offender is listed doesn't necessarily mean he/she is still active on the states registry. Always verify all data before you make any final determination. You'll find all available database information on the DB Info Page

Keep it legal, as long as you don't violate any local, state or federal crime you're free to use the data as you like. Recommended usage of the data included in our APIs would general public notification of nearby sex offenders for example. Our API already does the complex coding and radius caculations based on X miles from any USA postal code + Puerto Rico.