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Offender API

Free and Premium Options Available

The Complete Criminal Checks free offender API allows up to 25 calls per day in XML and JSON formats. Upgrade instantly for higher volume lookups.
Covers all U.S. States + Pureto Rico, results include date of birth, aka's, street address + latitude/longitude, offender photo, crime and more depending on the state.

sex offender api


Includes easy link & code generator - great for beginners! Build your call URLs in the developers sandbox.

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API Guide

Getting Started

Step 1

Create Free API Key

The first step is to create your free membership and generate your API key. Authentication is handled through your API key, which is included in the call urls.

api call url

Step 2

Build Call URL

Easily build your custom call url using the developers sandbox. The sandbox includes samples and example code you'll be able to apply to your search form.

api call url

Step 3

Search Form

Using your call Url as the form source (src=) you can build your search form. Using the API, you can easily customize your form to match your website theme.

Popular Questions & Answers


The free api package includes 25 api calls per day. We offer upgrade options for higher volume lookups.

The data included in our website search and public API are the same.
You can view what's included and the source of offender records on the Realtime Database Status Page

We offer a ticket support system available to all. Premium clients enjoy instant live chat for all their questions and issues.